Packaging process and price advantage of polyurethane foam machine

First, the use of polyurethane foam machine on-site foam packaging:
    Firstly, a high-strength PE film is spread into the bottom of the carton, and a suitable amount of foam material is injected into the film by a polyurethane foam machine to fold the film inward (to completely cover the foam material), and the product is placed in the On the inflated film, the product will be wrapped in the expanded foam, then another film will be placed on top of the product, the foam will be injected again, the film will be folded inward again and the carton will be closed; The protective layer is completely adhered to the product and will be very effective in protecting the product.

Second, the use of polyurethane foam machine pre-formed packaging method:
    First, make a simple mold (wood mold) according to the shape of the product, open the flip cover on the mold, spread the PE film, inject the foam material, fold the film inward and close the top cover.

Advantages of using polyurethane on-site foam packaging:

1. Packing is simple, 1 piece of equipment, 1 roll of PE film, 2 barrels of material can be packaged in different shapes, weights and sizes.
2. The packaging time is short, and the foam material can be expanded into a fitted package in a dozen seconds.
3. It takes up less space and saves storage space. The foam material of about 10 kg can foam 1m3.
4. Cost saving, high expansion ratio, and lower cost per unit volume than other packaging materials.
5. Good cushioning effect, fit protection, high rebound buffer to ensure product safety during transportation.