Spray Foam Insulation Applications-attic, walls, and basements

Spray foam insulation is as flexible in application as it is an effective insulator.  Property owners can have spray foam insulation installed in a variety of places in their properties including the attic, walls, and even basements.  This means that the energy saving, air leak sealing, high performance option that is spray foam insulation can insulate virtually your entire home.
As the attic is the most prone to heat gain during summer and heat loss during winter it is the prime opportunity for insulation.  Spray foam insulation is one of the best options for attics as it helps stop heat from entering the home by stopping it in the attic.  In addition, as spray foam expands it gets into the tiny gaps and cracks you can’t see to seal the weather out of your home.
The walls of your home are another important area to cover with insulation to manage the cost of cooling and heating your home.  All of the walls in your house are prone to air leakage and temperatures from outdoors.  The walls facing the sun in the summer are also big sources for heat making it’s way in.  Spray foam insulation can be installed between wall studs to both insulate and seal up air leaks.
In basements you can use spray foam insulation to section off unfinished basements from your heating and cooling envelope, or you can use it to keep a finished basement comfortable.  As basements are common places for drafts associate with plumbing, HVAC systems, wiring, and other elements it is frequently drafty.  Use spray foam insulation to seal up gaps and keep your basement comfortable.