Components of polyurea spray equipment

    Since the A and B(R) two-component reactions of polyurea coatings are extremely fast, the general static mixing coating technology cannot be applied to construction, so a two-component high-temperature and high-pressure gas-free polyurea spray equipment must be used. Specialized polyurea spray equipment must include: a smooth material handling system, a precise material metering system, a uniform material mixing system, a good material atomization system and a convenient material cleaning system. The spray equipment must have the functions of heating, heat preservation, pressurization, impact mixing, etc. Due to the strong dependence of the polyurea coating on the spray equipment and the complexity of the spray equipment itself, special investigation, investigation and research on the spray equipment and process are Important conditions for the study of polyurea coatings for pipeline anti-corrosion overhaul.
    Through the investigation of polyurea spray equipment, the JHPK-H3500 equipment was selected. The performance, function, operation and maintenance of each component were studied.
    The polyurea spray equipment is mainly composed of a spray host, a pump, a spray gun, a spray gun cleaning tank, and a spray auxiliary device.

Host part:
    The H3500 mainframe adopts the flat-type booster pump coaxial structure design, which can eliminate the uneven load during operation and prolong the life of the seal. The integral pump base can ensure the stability of the pressure during the pump cycle, thus providing Reliable overlap for very stable spray patterns and infusion applications. At the same time, the hose heating and automatic temperature control system of the H3500 main engine has strong heating capacity and fast preheating. The temperature sensor, which is submerged in the raw material flow near the gun, automatically controls the temperature and can accurately control the temperature.
    The metering pump equipped with the main unit is equipped with a positive displacement, double acting piston pump. Polymer sealing and hardened galvanized piston rods and cylinder walls ensure optimum pump system reliability. There is an overvoltage safety switch on each pump. In addition, the unique metering pump recovery unit automatically positions the isocyanate pump shaft in the cylinder to prevent moisture contamination and extend the life of the pump seal.

Pumping pump part:
    Polyurea spray equipment is equipped with a 2:1 pneumatic pump, the maximum hydraulic pressure is 1.85Mpa. The pump can be used for both 200L industrial vats and for the transport of various small packaging materials. There are strict requirements on the length and thickness of the pipeline between the pump and the main machine, otherwise it will lead to insufficient supply.

Spray gun part:
    At the same time, the PK2 spray gun can be selected to perform high temperature, high pressure and collision impact, so as to achieve uniform mixing of the A material and the R (B) material.
    Hybrid mixing in the mixing chamber is achieved by precisely machined mixing modules with long service life. Available in a variety of different models, when combined with the mode control block, provides optimum mixing and mode engineering. The valve stem on the gun cooperates with the front and rear seals and the air cap to complete the mechanical self-cleaning process when the gun is fired/closed. It can clean all the mixed raw materials washed from the mixing chamber after each sprinkling, reducing the expensive and correct Environmentally hazardous solvent cleaning procedures. Long-term gun severance (such as troubleshooting, overnight, etc.) can be thoroughly cleaned with a special gun tank and organic solvent without disassembling the gun body.

spray auxiliary equipment section:
    The auxiliary equipment of the polyurea spray equipment mainly includes an air compressor and a water separator. The air compressor is the necessary equipment for the entire spray system, powering the pump for the pump, the gun, and the pneumatic main engine. Common air compressors on the market are piston type and screw type. Although the piston air compressor has a large noise, its mass is small and its volume is small. Finally, a piston air compressor was selected. The oil-water separator is mainly used to remove moisture, oil and tiny impurities from the air. Compressed air that has not been cleaned and purified will seriously damage various components in the pneumatic mechanism. More importantly, the oil, moisture and impurities entrained in the compressed air will cause defects such as shrinkage and bubbling in the coating of the polyurea coating. , destroy the appearance quality and intrinsic quality of the coating.